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Professional Mold Testing & Removal in Readers Digest, SC

Palmetto Environmental Solutions provides mold testing and mold removal in Readers Digest, SC and we can solve your mold problems no matter how big. Identifying the source of moisture that has caused mold to grow and eliminating it is the first step to removing mold from your home. Once this has been done, mold testing can be performed. After evaluating the analysis of your mold test we can make recommendations and begin the mold removal process.
If you suspect that you might have mold, call us today at (864) 280-7838 for a brief non-invasive professional quality test of your home.

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Mold Inspection

Mold is a naturally occurring substance that can be found throughout our environment. Problems arise when mold growth occurs within your home where it can cause numerous health problems if left untreated. Mold requires moisture to grow. Mold only requires a small water source to begin growing very rapidly. If any of the following conditions has occurred in your home you require a mold inspection:

  • Pipes cracked or leaking
  • Noticed dampness in or around your windows
  • Past flood problems
  • Roof leaks/ Gutter problems
  • Poor ventilation in basement or bathrooms
  • Moisture around pipes

We Guarantee Our Work

We begin our process with a thorough mold inspection, and based on our findings and the results of your mold test, we can provide mold remediation if necessary. We only begin the mold removal process after the results of your mold analysis are complete, so we can avoid any unnecessary work. We are certified mold removal experts, following IICRCS520 protocol. Palmetto Environmental Solutions has years of experience delivering the results you expect.

  • Pre-remediation inspection and mold testing to establish benchmarks
  • Development of mold protocols to protect the home and occupants
  • Utilize Anabec products in the cleaning, removal and sanitizing of the environment, offering up to 30 year warranties

For all of your Mold Removal and Mold Testing needs in Readers Digest, SC call us at (864) 280-7838